About Morning Glory
History & Facts
Establised in
June 1, 1981
Type of Business
Manufacturing and Distribution of Stationery and Home Products
1981. 06  Opened "Stationery Center" of Shinhan Trading Co.
1985. 01  Registered brand name as 'Morning Glory'
1987. 11  Changed company name from Shinhan Trading Co.
 to Morning Glory Corp.
1989. 09  Established a factory at Incheon
1990. 05  Won '90 Good Design(GD) Mark by KIDP
 (Korea Industrial Design and Packaging)
1990. 10  Installed a fully automatic production facility at the Incheon Factory
1991. 07  Established Ansan Distribution Center in Ansan city
1991. 09  Established Overseas Marketing Dept. and began international
 sales activities
1992. 08  Selected as a promising exporter by KOTRA
 (Korea Trade & Investment Promotion)
1994. 04  Established a factory at Bucheon city
1994. 06  Opened Morning Glory Plaza at L.A. (The first overseas shop) in USA
1994. 07  Won '94 Good Design(GD) Mark by KIDP -- Whiteboard, File Box
1995. 03  Received The 3rd Marketing Frontier Award by KMA
 (Korea Marketing Association)
1995. 04  Opened Morning Glory Plaza at Chicago in USA
1995. 07  Won '95 Good Design(GD) Mark by KIDP -- Whiteboard Marker
1995. 10  Opened Morning Glory Plazas at major cities in USA
 (Seattle, Tacoma, L.A., etc.)
1995. 11  Won Successful International Marketing Award by KOTRA
1996. 02  Won Excellent Small and Medium Industry Award
1996. 03  Won Ministry of Finance and Economy Award for Voluntary Tax Payer
1996. 06  Won '96 Good Design(GD) Mark and Successful Industrial Design(SD)
 by KIDP --
1996. 09  Launched the new gift and home product brand, 'LICOMMO'
1997. 02  First in Korea to use Soy Oil Printing Method in paper goods
1997. 03  Won Prime Minister Award on Commerce and Industrial Day
1998. 03  Hold the 1st Morning Glory Plaza Conference in USA
1998. 05  Established the 100th Morning Glory Overseas Shops in Hawaii, USA
1998. 08  Moved Incheon Factory to Ansan Distribution Center
1998. 09  Hold the 1st Morning Glory Design Contest for College Students
1998. 11  First in stationery industry to produce the Corporate Catalogue in CD Rom
1999. 05  Opened Internet homepage http://www.morningglory.co.kr
1999. 10  Awarded the 1st Korea design award - Design management division
1999. 10  Selected as hit products, sponsored by Kyung Hyang Shin Moon,
 a daily newspaper
2000. 03  Won the 1st place in the division of Stationery Brand Power by the Korea
 Efficiency Association
2000. 10  Selected as one of top brands by the Research on Korean College Students'
 Favorite Goods
2004. 05  Transferred the head office from Seoul to Ansan city where main factory
 and distribution center are located

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