About Morning Glory
History & Facts
Morning Glory Corp. is the biggest Fancy Stationery Manufacturer in Seoul Korea. We have our own cute characters like Blue Bear and Pingki Pengko, and use them to make a variety of beautiful fancy stationery including office/school supplies and cute fancy articles. We export our goods of high quality to more than 50 countries and have a lot of franchise retail shops worldwide in the name of Morning Glory.

641-3 Seonggok-Dong,Danwon-Gu,Ansan City,Gyeonggi Province,South Korea.
(Post Code 425-834)
Tel 82-2-719-0400
Fax 82-31-493-8514
- Ansan city, fifty(50) minutes south of Seoul city by subway train or car, is famous for industrial complex where our main office and factory are located
Morning Glory - The Brand of Reliability
Providing our customers with quality service and reliable goods is our basic philosophy. Morning Glory refers to the glory of morning - an essence we hope to capture in each product. Our goal is to become a worldwide brand known for these qualities. We trust that this brand will be respected by people over the world as the signature brand of the Land of the Morning Calm. MORNING GLORY
  The corporate symbol of Morning Glory has been designed to represent the integrity, trust and reliability, the values of the organization. This corporate symbol has the image of freshness and simplicity, which comes up with affection in the cultural image of Korea.
  C I of Morning Glory is made to the image of future-oriented mind. The main colors, red and blue are placed diagonally to express the image of Tae Guk from the Korean national flag. The binder ring holes in the upper-right hand side represent our position as a leading stationery company

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