Character Thema Park
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Name : Soonie Gender : Female
Hobby : Talking to animals Hometown : ˇ°Arum Village"
Appealing : Red cheeks-she is a shy girl Personality: Generous
There is a town called, ˇ°Arum Villageˇ±. Its natural view is so
Beautiful, and it makes people happy. Soonie lives in this town,
With ger parents; her father is a doctor at the public health
Center in town and her mother is a teacher at the elementary
School. Soonie cares about the nature. Her dream is to make the
Town beautiful. Her house is full of animals because she loves
Animals. She takes good care of a dog named ˇ°Dorieˇ±. She
Talks to Dorie and they have become good friends.

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