Character Thema Park
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Name : Pingki Gender : Female
Hobby :   Hometown : A penguin village
Appealing : She thinks her eyelashes are charming Personality: A romanticist, who is happy by little things, is a flighty.
Name : Pengko Gender : Male
Hobby : taking pictures of pingki Hometown : A penguin village
Appealing : Sports entertainer Personality: He is full of self-respect and has a strong sense of justice. But he takes a good care of pinki
Pingki is a sweet, lovable penguin, born on the day that the legendary pink snow fell. For this, she is known to bring lots of love to her surroundings. Three years later, the boy named Pengko moved to her next door, and she just couldn¡¯t help falling in love with him. Pengko is her love-at-first-sight and fond of all kinds of ice sports. Afterward, their sweet love story fills the penguin village with joy and happiness

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